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PSSU Fall By-Election

UPDATE: As of October 18th, 11:59pm nominations have closed and voting is now beginning through SFU Websurvey. Click on the link below to cast your vote!


Join the 2022-2023 PSSU Executive Team! Nomination period is between October 9th 6:00pm - October 16th 11:59pm.


A list of the positions and details about the roles are available in the PDF below.


Platforms are OPTIONAL

Submit your nomination to our email ( including the following:

- Name


- SFU email

- Desired position

- Platform (optional)


If you would like to use the PSSU Socials to spread the word, let us know. We want to give all candidates a platform that is directly to the membership. Campaigning is not necessary, but it is an option for those who want to. You may begin your campaign at any time, and you may campaign during voting period, as long as you're not annoying students.


We expect all candidates to behave with integrity and kindness. While PSSU does not have an IEC set up, we will be taking campaign indecencies seriously. If any member feels a violation occurred, email

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