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George Gayed

George is in his fourth year here at SFU. He is majoring in political science and minoring in international studies.

George loves learning about how our lives work and how to use the system we are in to better our own and others lives. His main goal as president is to keep the student body engaged and help create an enjoyable, and amazing university experience.


Mishael Abu-Samhan
Vice President 

Mishael is in his first year here at SFU. He is double-majoring in political science and philosophy (law concentration) as well as a few certificates.

Mishael is passionate about political science as he wants to learn about tangible ways that people's lives can be improved. He is "passionate about justice and law, and how we can ensure that human dignity is preserved across the world." Mishael aims to increase engagement in the PSSU by creating worthwhile events and providing meaningful opportunities

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Muhammad Hamid

Muhammad is in his second year at SFU. Muhammad is majoring in political science. The reason he chose political science as his major is because he wants to help people in local and municipal representation while also learning about how the law works in order to improve people's lives. His goal for the PSSU is to create fun events and activities for students while also advocating for their involvement.

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Ava Quissy
Department Representative

Ava is finishing her third year at SFU and starting her fourth! She is majoring in political science and minoring in counselling and human development as well as a certificate in ethics with a concentration on Law and Justice. She chose to major in political science because she wants to improve the world around her, and political science allows how to analyze the different systems and structures within out society to achieve that goal. Her goal for the PSSU is to provide genuine and earnest representation of the needs and wants of the political science student body. She looks forward to working with the other executives to create a stronger community at SFU.

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Armen Bagdasarov
French Cohort Program Representative

Armen is currently in his first year at SFU in the French Cohort Program, he aims to graduate with a political science major and an extended minor in French. His family always helped him through social welfare program and due to that, he is pursuing the study of politics to learn the necessary skills to make sure every family has access to welfare programs so that no one has to live with the burden of financial insecurity. His goal for the PSSU while representing the needs of all francophone students is to streamline communications between BAFF and the PSSU.

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Julia Mosi
FASS Representative

Julia is in her first year at SFU and is planning to major in political science. She is also interested in a wide range of social sciences such as sociology, psychology, and gender, sexuality and women's studies. She chose to study political scince because of her interest in youth political representation which led her to take part in the city's youth advisory committee in high school. Her main goal for the PSSU is bridge better communication with other FASS DSUs. Her hope is that this improved communication will allow her to promote PSSU events and collaborate with other departments!

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Luisa David
Lower Division Representative

Luisa is in her first year at SFU. She is majoring in political science, and double minoring in legal studies and international studies. Her love for politics and law was greatly influenced by the anecdotes of growing up in a developing country during the Post-Cold War era. Since then she has been drawn to finding explanation on how institutions, regime types, civil society and public policy collaborate to create the political world citizens find themselves in. Her goals for the PSSU to help students feel empowered to use their voice and abilities to get involved and have a stronger sense of belonging in their community 

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Emme Dragon
Member At Large

Emme is currently completing her second year at SFU. She is majoring in political science with a special interest in diplomacy, defense and development. Her main goal for the PSSU is to improve and increase engagement of students with the student union through different events and activities through the coming year.

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Manpreet Sidhu

Manpreet is wrapping up her fourth year at SFU. She is majoring in criminology and minoring in political science. The reason she chose to minor in political science is that she is always has been intrigued by the structures that dictate not only our university but society as a whole! Her goals for the PSSU include advocating wherever possible and being as proactive as possible on any initiatives we take on. She looks forward to advocate for groups that are often looked over including minorities and hope that her personal perspectives will be an asset working with the PSSU.

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Brydan Denis
SFSS Council Representative

Brydan is in his first year at SFU. He is majoring in political science. He chose to major in political science because he wants to learn the tools and skills needed that will assist him in helping people to the best of his abilities. He wants to study law in the future in order to help families stay together as much as possible. During his time in the PSSU he wants to hear different varying opinions and aims to listen and take these opinions under advisement while moving forward with the student union.  

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