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Judit Nagy: Team Members

Learn more about the current team!

Luisa David

Luisa is a third-year student pursuing a double major in Political Science & Economics with a minor in Legal Studies.

Luisa was formerly the Lower DIvision Rep. and the VP Marketing at PSSU, and is taking up the role of Co-President with both experience and passion! A specific goal she has for PSSU is to help Political Science students in careers and professional development, such as resume building and getting hands-on experience in careers related to Political Science.

Mishael Abu-Samhan

Mishael is in his third year here at SFU. He is double-majoring in political science and philosophy (law concentration) as well as a few certificates.

Mishael is passionate about political science as he wants to learn about tangible ways that people's lives can be improved. He is "passionate about justice and law, and how we can ensure that human dignity is preserved across the world." Mishael aims to increase engagement in the PSSU by creating worthwhile events and providing meaningful opportunities

Sam Polisky

Sam is a Political Science major and Public Policy minor. He is a returning Co-op student eagerly looking for ways to be involved in the SFU Political Science community. As treasurer of the PSSU, he aims to implement transparent and efficient financial practices that promote responsible budgeting and spending. Sam intends to maximize the resources available to support fun student activities and to adhere to the needs of students here at SFU. Fun fact about Sam: He takes an Omega-3 vitamin everyday!


Jana Abusharar
Department Representative

Jana is finishing up her fourth year, majoring in political science and debating a minor. She decided to major in political science since she always enjoyed learning about the government, law, and the world and interactions within it. As a Palestinian, her existence has always been political, so Jana has had this interest since she was young. Jana hops that with her time at the PSSU she can help represent what students need/want and advocate for it!

Screen Shot 2022-04-01 at 12.52.13 PM.png

Emme Dragon
FASS Representative

Emme is currently completing her third year at SFU. She is majoring in political science with a special interest in diplomacy, defense and development. She joined as the team's Member-at-Large last year and decided to continue to work with the executive board this year as the union's FASS representative. She believes it's important to keep students in the loop about on-campus opportunities, and thrives to do so on behalf of the PSSU.

Alexander Hodaly
VP External

Alexander is a second-year student at SFU, intending to major in Political Science. He was drawn into Political Science because of his desire to be better informed about our world and how to change it for the better. Alexander wants to become more involved in the student community and gain experience working alongside students who share the same passion for Political Science as himself. He looks forward to being responsible for the communications of the PSSU with students such as yourself and all others. Say hi if you see him around campus!


Amy Ricker
VP Marketing

Amy is double majoring in Political Science and International Studies, with a concentration in International Security and Conflict. She has always been interested in politics, and is especially interested in international relations and systemic problems that facilitate social issues, such as gender inequality, racism and climate change. She hopes to use her time on the PSSU marketing a plethora of events, so that everyone in the union feels represented, safe, and is encouraged to make friends within the field of political science. She would also love to provide students with opportunities to engage in activism, protest and professional development, ensuring that there is something for everyone offered by the PSSU!


Malk Hayder
Member At Large

Malk majoring in Political Science and minoring in classic literature and international relations. She is studying political science because she believes it's one of the best things you can learn about today; it gives you skills and strategies that not only apply to political science but to every aspect of your future. Her interest in political science and international studies derives from hearing parents and grandparents' stories of how they were affected by middle eastern regimes; it gave Malk a passion for caring about human rights and international diplomacy. As your new Member-At-Large, her goal is to have more students feel more welcomed and encouraged to participate in events and activities with PSSU. A fun fact about Malk is that she loves teaching and writing,  teaches kindergarten students Arabic and writes poetry in her downtime!


Anna Policarpio

Anna is currently in her third year majoring in Political Science with a planned minor in Public Policy. She wanted to join the PSSU because of her love for the department in general. Initially, she intended to major in Anthropology, however, her first ever Poli Sci class, which was supposed to be an elective, drew her attention and fostered such a love for all things encompassed in the political sphere. Anna's goal as an executive will be to provide ease to the student body through our future events and initiatives, big or small! She understands all too well the fear and stress that comes with an undergraduate and post-graduate career. A fun fact about Anna is that she recently found a newfound love for reading

Screen Shot 2023-05-26 at 1.49_edited.jpg

Aliyah Apolonio
SFSS Council Representative

Aliyah is currently in her second year of Political Science, with an intended minor in Legal Studies. This year, she is your SFSS Councillor and wanted to join PSSU mainly to make more connections in the major. Her goal for PSSU this year is to assist with more events/socials to further connect the SFU Political Science community. One fun fact about Aliyah is that she has been volunteering with New Westminster NDP since the 12th grade. She looks forward to meeting you!


Lisa Kim
External Coordinator

Lisa is a 2nd year double majoring in political science and criminology (With some questionable minor considerations, but a story for later). She's wanted to join the PSSU for quite some time, as she believes it is incredibly important to foster a sense of community in an academic setting. As your external coordinator, Lisa's aim is to be first and foremost be at the service of students with her responsibilities in communications. She's incredibly excited to be apart of this team!

Avleen Chawla
VP Events

Avleen is a second-year student currently pursuing a double major in Political Science and Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies (GSWS). She is the new VP Events of PSSU and is excited to be part of it and sharing in its dedication to fostering a vibrant and informed political science community.

Avleen is eagerly anticipating for every opportunity to contribute her skills and boundless energy toward the realization of PSSU's objectives. She firmly believe that informed and engaged individuals can make a significant impact on society. She is thrilled to be part of PSSU's journey to empower students with the knowledge and tools to shape a better political future.

Mary Toma
Marketing Coordinator

Mary is the PSSU's Marketing Coordinator!  She is in her fourth year majoring in Political Science and minoring in Philosophy with a concentration in law and philosophy, and a certificate in Ethics with a concentration in ethics, justice and law. Previously, Mary served as the VP Events. This year she wanted to switch it up a bit and focus on marketing. She will be working closely with Amy (VP Marketing) to find new and creative ways of boosting student engagement with PSSU. She knows she has a great team by her side and believes that we’ll have a successful year ;) A fun fact about Mary is that she's a professional artist so check out some of her work: @scarymarydraws


Sayyidah Jaffer
French Cohort Rep.

Sayyidah is a fourth year student pursuing a double major in Political Science and French, and is thrilled to be your new French Cohort Representative! She hopes to collaborate with and foster meaningful relations between the PSSU, the French Student Union and French Political Science branch. Sayyidah looks forward to collectively organizing events for poli sci students to learn and network. Furthermore, she wishes to ensure the accessibility of the PSSU for students who wish to participate and access materials in French. A fun fact about her is that she recently returned from a study abroad semester, where she had the opportunity to study at the University of Lausanne, in Switzerland!

Mehtab Dhaliwal
Lower Divison Representative

Mehtab is intending on majoring in Political Science.  Previously, he was serving as the External Coordinator and since have moved to the position of Lower Division Representative. As the Lower Division Representative, he wishes for the needs of courses for students to be met and hopes to work with the Department in increasing Political Science Course seats and course availability. Along with representing the interest of Lower Division students, Mehtab wishes to host and be apart of an awesome and wonderful collection of people! Some hobbies of his include sunset/sunrise gazing, walks along the beach, JDM (recently gotten into it), and nature views! 


Ayden Nijjar
Events Coordinator

Aydan is a 2nd-year student in Political Science, in PSSU as Events Coordinator. He joined the PSSU as I thought it was an interesting opportunity for involvement and networking with other PoliSci students. The event coordinator role specifically was of interest to him as he thinks events are a great way of reaching out to other students to recognize the opportunity that clubs & student unions may offer them with regards to networking, organizational experience, and general involvement. Ayden would also like to develop events that encourage higher political awareness among students beyond theory, allowing for a understanding of a range of historical case studies to assist in our studies.

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